6 Habits

of Savvy Female Negotiators | taught by Eleanor Shakiba
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Eleanor Shakiba
Eleanor Shakiba
Master Facilitator. Success Coach. Glass Ceiling Smasher.

About the instructor

Hi. I’m Eleanor Shakiba, your personal success coach. I teach successful women - like you - to overcome ‘glass ceiling moments’.  I've been a trainer and coach since 1994. My passion is enabling women to thrive in a complex world, using positive psychology and NLP.

Are you a success-focused professional woman? I'll help you achieve the results you want. I've already trained  over 50,000 ambitious women. My goal is to make that number 100,000. That's why I set up the Success Factor Academy. I work with women who want to achieve exceptional results.

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This course is full of resources to boost your confidence, charge up your credibility and increase your influence during negotiations. Here's what you get when you sign up for 6 Habits of Savvy Female Negotiators.

That's incredible value. To cover the same content in my live courses, you'd pay over $500.00. To work with me one-on-one, you'd pay more  than $1000. 6 Habits of Savvy Female Negotiators is a smart woman's dream come true. 

What will you learn to do?

1.Overcome 6 bad habits that hold female negotiators back

2. Take on Savvy Habits that will make you look, sound and feel like a confident negotiator

3. Use a simple process to keep every negotiation on track - no matter what other people do

4. Charge up your confidence by preparing a solid back-up plan before you negotiate

5. Quit the habit of backing down too early during negotiations

6. Stop giving away too much - and learn the art of concession exchange

7. Respond confidently when your counterpart says 'no '- so you can keep the negotiation open

8. Speak persuasively and influentially to boost your credibility as a female negotiator

What topics will you cover?

Find out in this short video. Hear your trainer, Eleanor,  explain how 6 bad habits hold women back in negotiation. Then see how taking on 6  savvy habits will transform your results as a negotiator. 


Investing in an online course is an important decision. You want to know exactly what you're signing up for. Here's a rundown of what you get in each lesson, so you can commit with confidence. 

What are the 6 habits?

See how 6 'power down' habits can limit your effectiveness as a female negotiator. Complete a quiz to find out which of these habits might be impacting YOUR success. Use your results to pinpoint the new savvy habits you need to take on. Get an overview of the 6 habits consistently used by successful women. 

  • Video lesson: What are the 6 habits?
  • Full course manual, containing summary notes for all modules
  • Habit assessment quiz
  • Bonus article: Do we really need gender specific negotiation training?

Habit 1: Stage the process

Hear how to use a step-by step process to keep every negotiation on track. Learn to step out of reactive mode and into proactive mode. 

  • Video lesson: Staging the process
  • Activity: Phrases for opening your negotiation
  • Article: 4 stage negotiation process

Habit 2: Be walk-away ready

Feel prepared and calm in every negotiation. Savvy female negotiators do this by planning their walk-away strategies before starting any negotiation. Find out how YOU can do the same.

  • Video lesson: Being walk-away ready
  • Activity sheet: Backup plan developer
  • Article: Beat negotiation nerves
  • Bonus NLP audio session: Feel confident now

Habit 3: Collaborate, don’t capitulate

Want to get back as much as you give during negotiations?  Boost your credibility as a female negotiator with 4 body language tools.

  • Video lesson: Collaborating without capitulating
  • Activity sheet: Power up your language
  • Article: Win-win or give-give?
  • Bonus NLP audio session: Say 'no' and mean it

Habit 4: Exchange, don’t give

Keep negotiations fair, by mastering the art of ‘bargaining’. Hear why smart female negotiators think ‘concessions’ rather than ‘compromises’. Discover 4 ways to exchange without being ripped off.

  • Video lesson: Exchanging rather than giving
  • Activity: Concession starter phrases
  • Article: Building rapport to support concession-exchange
  • Bonus NLP audio session: Feel confident now

Habit 5: Converse beyond 'no''

What should you do when your negotiation counterpart says ‘no’ to an offer? Learn 4 ways to challenge ‘no’ without sounding pushy. Hear why men react differently to ‘no’ than women – and how to use this to your advantage.

  • Video lesson: Conversing beyond 'no'
  • Cheat sheet: Responses to 'no'
  • Article: Handling objections

Habit 6: Speak the language of influence

Want to speak masterfully, confidently and influentially? Persuasive language techniques will help you do it. Learn to use influential language techniques – such as benefit frames, verbal tags and solution-focused questions.

  • Video lesson: Speaking the language of influence
  • Activity sheet: Planning your response
  • Article: Disagree without being disagreeable
  • Bonus NLP audio session: Feel calm under pressure